Fresh Collabs

This is the end of a beautiful project. Fresh Collabs has been one of my best professionnal experience.

The website was launch on April 7 2014, but in mid-June 2014 the start-up closed, we could’t continue the project because of a lack of sales.

I really liked the values shared with the Fresh Collabs team. I will never forget all they brought to me.

We had the desire to create a unitedaction around Fresh Collabs, allowing everybody to consume differently in a responsible way. Despite all our efforts, we have to announce that we suspend our activity beacause of a lack of financing. We apology for all the people who support us from the beginning of the adventure. And don’t forget, be beautiful and united.

When I came back from Peru, Manuel Leray (Fresh Collabs Co-founder and CEO) proposed me to join his team in their new start-up adventure, called Fresh Collabs.

I share a lot of values with the project, that’s why I accepted.

Fresh Collabs build what we call « artistic solidarity collaborations ». Each week, we collaborate with a creative designer and an association. We create a tee-shirt collection with the designer. This collection is sold on our website during one week. 5 € of each tee-shirt sold is given to the association which we are in collaboration.

With Fresh Collabs we make the most beautiful inspirations, a support to people who need it.

Check out the teaser ;) | facebook/freshcollabs | twitter/freshcollabs