Over There

Over There is a surf webserie about surftrips in original places.

The first season is dedicated to a surftrip in Peru between january and february 2015 with two French surfers, Stéphane James (ex pro longboarder) and Morgan Le Nivet.

We surfed in Lobitos and Chicama, the longest left of the world. We present our Peruvian surftrip throught 3 episodes.

The second season is dedicated to a surftrip in Brittany (France) in 2016. We present this second season throught 3 episodes which represents winter, summer and indian summer in Brittany.

Our goal is to continue this project in a new original destination with the support of medias and brands.

We are looking for sponsors. If you are interested in supporting our project don’t hesitate to contact me.

Directed by Romain Briolet

Supported by
STJ (Stéphane James surfboards)
Surfing L.A

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