I produced the fifth episode of my webserie « Sur les routes de l’écume » (On the foam’s roads) with Surfing L.A.

I contacted Poéti Norac, a talented surfer girl from Les Sables d’Olonne, to propose her to make a surf film. She accepted and we began to work on this project on june 2015.

I filmed her early on the morning at her homespot « Les Dunes » (Brétignolles) during summer 2015. The conditions were perfect: no wind, nice cleany waves, and sun.

Poéti have a beautiful noseriding style. She can hold a serie of hang five or hang ten on the same wave. Noseride is definitely her speciality.

We chose a music which refers to her Polynesian origins. This music also show the way of life followed by Poéti, smiling and enjoying life by surfing :)

Check it out!

Directed by Romain Briolet

Music: Hirie – Smile (feat E.N Young)

Also available on Vimeo:

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