I produced the second episode of my webserie « Sur les routes de l’écume » (On the foam’s roads) with Surfing L.A.

I met a young talented surfer, Romain Fournier (regional longboard champion in 2013), thanks to a sunset session in Brétignolles (France). I took some photos of Romain without knowing him during this session. After few days I found him on facebook, and I sent him my shoots. That’s how we met.

That’s also how I got the idea to do a film of this noserider. I was thinking about his surf style and I heard a song which correspond to his universe : Atl J – Hunger of the pine.  I created my film on this music which inspires me.

I filmed Romain Fournier at « Les Dunes », his homespot (Brétignolles, France), on summer 2014.

It was a pleasure to edit this second episode on a music which inspires me. Check it out ;)

HUNGER OF THE SEA from Romain Briolet on Vimeo.

Hunger of the sea was shared on Surf ReportSpot Surf. | facebook/surfingla | twitter/surfingla

Golden Lights is my last video project about lights and surfing.

I had the chance to capture beautiful lights on one of my favourite surf spot (Brétignolles, France). There were good waves and a lot of surfers. The conditions were perfect. I wanted to represent this moment with a music which inspired me.

Golden Lights was shared on Spotsurf !

Check it out ;)

GOLDEN LIGHTS from Romain Briolet on Vimeo.