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My name is Romain Briolet. I developed an undying passion for filmmaking and web. I love to produce films and digital contents. If you like travel, lifestyle and surf videos, follow me on facebook and check out my news on my blog.

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Golden Lights is my last video project about lights and surfing.

I had the chance to capture beautiful lights on one of my favourite surf spot (Brétignolles, France). There were good waves and a lot of surfers. The conditions were perfect. I wanted to represent this moment with a music which inspired me.

Golden Lights was shared on Spotsurf !


Check it out ;)

GOLDEN LIGHTS from Romain Briolet on Vimeo.

The fourth episode of my webserie Peruvian Life is out ! Check it out !

Contemplate is the fourth episode of my webserie Peruvian Life. We visited Cusco and the Machu Picchu, one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. This episode is entirely dedicated to the Machu Picchu.

First episode : www.romainbriolet.com/discover-peruvian-life-ep-1
Second episode : www.romainbriolet.com/appreciate-peruvian-life-ep-2
Third episode : www.romainbriolet.com/explore-peruvian-life-ep-3

CONTEMPLATE – Peruvian Life Ep. IV from Romain Briolet on Vimeo.

When I came back from Peru, Manuel Leray (Fresh Collabs Co-founder and CEO) proposed me to join his team in their new start-up adventure, called Fresh Collabs.

I share a lot of values with the project, that’s why I accepted.

Fresh Collabs build what we call « artistic solidarity collaborations ». Each week, we collaborate with a creative designer and an association. We create a tee-shirt collection with the designer. This collection is sold on our website during one week. 5 € of each tee-shirt sold is given to the association which we are in collaboration.

With Fresh Collabs we make the most beautiful inspirations, a support to people who need it.

Check out the teaser ;)

freshcollabs.com | facebook/freshcollabs | twitter/freshcollabs

I have a new steadicam !

A steadycam is a camera stabilizator. It mechanically isolates the camera from the operator’s movement. It allows for a smooth shot, even when moving quickly over an uneven surface. You can see the results on my instagram video below.

My steadicam is a Wieldy, a Chinese brand which is a perfect copy of a Glidecam product (the leader on the steadycam market). A Wieldy steady have exactly the same quality than Glidecam, but it is cheaper. You can easily found it on ebay.

Can’t wait to use it for my new video projects ;)

The third episode of my webserie Peruvian Life is out ! Check it out !

Explore is the third episode of my webserie Peruvian Life. We visited the MAC Museum (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo) in Barranco (Lima), we visited the Chan Chan Ruins in Trujillo, we surfed in Huanchaco and Chicama, we explored the Amazon river and forest in Iquitos.

First episode : www.romainbriolet.com/discover-peruvian-life-ep-1
Second episode : www.romainbriolet.com/appreciate-peruvian-life-ep-2

EXPLORE – Peruvian Life Ep. III from Romain Briolet on Vimeo.

This is the end of my Peruvian Life !

Thank you Peru ! And thanks so much to everyone I have met there !

Peru was an incredible experience, I will never forget all you brought to me.

My trip is finished, but my webserie is not : 3 videos will be produced soon !

Finally the journey does not end there, my thirst for travelling has just begun. Stay tuned !

The second episode of my webserie Peruvian Life is out ! Check it out !

Appreciate is the second episode of my webserie Peruvian Life. We were in a electro music party at Chaclacayo (Lima), we visited the Oasis of Huacachina, the Huaraz mountain and the Lagoon 69.

First episode : www.romainbriolet.com/discover-peruvian-life-ep-1

APPRECIATE – Peruvian Life Ep. II from Romain Briolet on Vimeo.

I produced the first episode of my webserie Peruvian Life ! Check it out !

Discover is the first episode of my webserie Peruvian Life. This episode present all I discovered in Peru in august 2013. We visited the Historic Center of Lima, the Pachacamac ruins, the Ballestas Islands and the National Reserve of Paracas.

DISCOVER – Peruvian Life Ep. I from Romain Briolet on Vimeo.


I have the opportunity to do one semester in another country for my studies. I am very interested by the culture of Latin America, that’s why I chose to go to Peru !

I am actually in Lima for an international semester at USIL (Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola).

I decided to work on a new video project to value my Peruvian experience.

This video project is a webserie called « Peruvian Life ».
I will produce 5 videos to present my 5 months of traveling and living in Peru.

One city, One country, 5 months … Peruvian Life

Check out the teaser ;)

Peruvian Life – Teaser from Romain Briolet on Vimeo.

I had the opportunity to shot Antoine Joneau during a wakebord session on the TSN44 cablepark based in Saint-Viaud (France).

I wanted to do a slowmotion edit, that’s why I shoted in 720p 60 fps. In fact the more frame per second you have, the better quality you have for a slowmotion edit. I used a specific plugin, called Twixtor, to slow down my videos.

This plugin is very efficient and easy to use. You can found it on this website : www.revisionfx.com/products/twixtor

Check out the quality of the results !

Antoine Joneau – TSN44 from Romain Briolet on Vimeo.