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My name is Romain Briolet. I developed an undying passion for filmmaking and web. I love to produce films and digital contents. If you like travel, lifestyle and surf videos, follow me on facebook and check out my news on my blog.

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Starring Stéphane James & Morgan Le Nivet
Supported by STJ Surfboards & Surfing L.A

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Over There is my new webserie about surftrips in original places.

This webserie is dedicated to a surftrip in Peru between january and february 2015 with two French surfers, Stéphane James (ex pro longboarder) and Morgan Le Nivet.

We surfed in Lobitos and Chicama, the longest left of the world (this wave can work on 1,5 km when conditions are gatehered).

This season presents our Peruvian surftrip throught 3 episodes. The first episode is coming soon.

Our goal is to continue this project in a new original destination with the support of medias and brands.

We are looking for sponsors. If you are interested in supporting our project don’t hesitate to contact me :)

Check out the teaser!

OVER THERE | Peru – Teaser

Starring Stéphane James and Morgan Le Nivet

Directed by Romain Briolet

Supported by
STJ (Stéphane James surfboards)
Surfing L.A (www.surfingla.fr)


I produced the third episode of my webserie « Sur les routes de l’écume » (On the foam’s roads) with Surfing L.A.

During the weekend of march 7 & 8th 2015 I went on the coast to shoot because lights were beautiful.

I filmed two sessions : the first on the spot of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie and the second on the spot of Tanchet (Les Sables d’Olonne). The first session in Saint-Gilles was amazing, the sunset was perfect and the waves very clean (no wind). The second sunset session in Tanchet was good too, but lights were not the same.

It’s funny to see that, exactly one year ago (march 8th 2014), I filmed the same type of sunset session in Brétignolles, and I produced a film called « Golden Lights » : http://vimeo.com/92531463. I’m thinking about making this type of film the march 8th of each year ;)

« Spring Feelings » refers to the beginning of spring in France. I published this new film the day of spring in France.

The music I chose for this film inspired me a lot. It was a pleasure to edit this third episode on this music. Check it out!

SPRING FEELINGS from Romain Briolet on Vimeo.

Check out the other episode of my webserie « Sur les routes de l’écume » :

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I produced a new film on a french talented dancer, Roman Uzal.

Roman performs a stylish new style dance, with fast movements and strong blockages.

I filmed him on different spots in Nantes (France). It was a pleasure to edit this film on a music which inspired us.


Dance Another Day – Roman Uzal from Romain Briolet on Vimeo.

I produced a film on Luc Chatellier, the creator and organizator of the Triathlon Audencia La Baule.

This competition is a french Triathlon which takes place each year in La Baule-Escoublac. It is organized by a student association of the business school Audencia Nantes, and includes 9 races. With more than 6 000 participants for the 2014 edition, it is the biggest Triathlon in Europe. The runners are supervised during 2 days by more than 500 volunters, including 350 Audencia students.

The 27th edition takes place the 20 & 21 of september 2014 in La Baule. It was the last edition for Luc Chatellier which retires.


Luc Chatellier – Triathlon Audencia La Baule from Romain Briolet on Vimeo.

The fifth and last episode of my webserie Peruvian Life is out ! Check it out !

Breath is the fifth episode of my webserie Peruvian Life. We did a surftrip in Chicama (North of Peru). Chicama is the longest left of the world, this spot is amazing!

First episode : www.romainbriolet.com/discover-peruvian-life-ep-1
Second episode : www.romainbriolet.com/appreciate-peruvian-life-ep-2
Third episode : www.romainbriolet.com/explore-peruvian-life-ep-3
Fourth episode : www.romainbriolet.com/contemplate-peruvian-life-ep-4/

BREATHE – Peruvian Life Ep. V from Romain Briolet on Vimeo.

Hunger of the sea
© Romain Briolet

Produced by Surfing L.A
Starring Romain Fournier
With Daddy Seal Surfboards

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Une vidéo publiée par Romain (@romainbrlt) le

I produced the second episode of my webserie « Sur les routes de l’écume » (On the foam’s roads) with Surfing L.A.

I met a young talented surfer, Romain Fournier (regional longboard champion in 2013), thanks to a sunset session in Brétignolles (France). I took some photos of Romain without knowing him during this session. After few days I found him on facebook, and I sent him my shoots. That’s how we met.

That’s also how I got the idea to do a film of this noserider. I was thinking about his surf style and I heard a song which correspond to his universe : Atl J – Hunger of the pine.  I created my film on this music which inspires me.

I filmed Romain Fournier at « Les Dunes », his homespot (Brétignolles, France), on summer 2014.

It was a pleasure to edit this second episode on a music which inspires me. Check it out ;)

HUNGER OF THE SEA from Romain Briolet on Vimeo.

Hunger of the sea was shared on Surf ReportSpot Surf.

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I met Ronan Benoît, co-founder and chief editor of Surfing L.A, thanks to my previous video project Golden Lights.

Surfing L.A (L.A = Loire Atlantique) is a blog which allows to discover the surf culture in our region.

Ronan offered me the chance to join the Surfing L.A’s team to contribute to the blog with surf videos. I also contribute to the blog with interviews of local shappers, surfshops, surfers or artists.

We decided to create a webserie to value the surf culture in our region.

We called it « On the foam’s road » (« Sur les Routes de l’Écume »).

In this webserie we discover new surfspots, new waves near our region. Each episode correspond to a new region with differents surfspots.

I produced the first episode in Loire Atlantique. Check it out ;)

Sur les Routes de l’Écume – Arrêt en Loire Atlantique Ep. 1 from Romain Briolet on Vimeo.

Article on Surfing L.A dedicated to this first episode

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This is the end of a beautiful project. Fresh Collabs has been one of my best professionnal experience.

The website was launch on April 7 2014, but in mid-June 2014 the start-up closed, we could’t continue the project because of a lack of sales.

I really liked the values shared with the Fresh Collabs team. I will never forget all they brought to me.

We had the desire to create a unitedaction around Fresh Collabs, allowing everybody to consume differently in a responsible way. Despite all our efforts, we have to announce that we suspend our activity beacause of a lack of financing. We apology for all the people who support us from the beginning of the adventure. And don’t forget, be beautiful and united.